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“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”Leonardo Da Vinci One of the biggest and most common problems with improving your life or the success you want out of is that you may not take consistent…

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Students and Politics


            “Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.”

                                                                          – William Butler Yeats

Students and politics are perceptibly opposite attributes. A student is expected to devote his time and attention to education rather than involve himself in the rough and tumble life of politics. However as politics pervades all aspect of our life , it would just not be possible , or advisable to insulate ourselves from it. The youth of today have many ideals and aspirations  ,that can only take shape when they get exposed to politics.

The students of today are the future citizens of tomorrow. Debarring them from politics would kill their political awakening, leading to serious consequences for the country. It is therefore desirable, that they learn the nitty gritty of politics in their student life. This would make them politically mature, for they would be the intelligentsia of the country in the future. History is witness to great revolutions in different parts of the world , that have been spearheaded by the students and the youth .In India too , they played a stellar role during the struggle for independence, from the imperial British Empire .Most of the freedom fighters were students , who subsequently became great political leaders.

Their involvement in politics is not new for us. It existed thousands of years ago, when the princes were taught ‘Rajniti’ as part of their curriculum. We know of the Pandavas and the Kauravas being taught by their guru Dronacharya, when they went to his ashram. The difference today however is, they assimilate politics from their surroundings, and are therefore more prone to be lead astray.

Their participation in politics is essential ,for they are an important part of our society . Depriving them of their political rights would tantamount to stunting their development , that would be disastrous to society . They are the future leaders of the country , and hence should be allowed to have an important say in all matters concerning them.

It is however unfortunate to see them being increasingly subjugated by politically parties, for their own selfish interest. They are exploited by the politically parties and are called upon to participate in strikes and bandhs , that have no relevance to their studies. Student leaders hold the prospects and future of thousands of students to ransom , by disrupting students at the behest of their politically masters. This is a very dangerous sign, for their impressionable minds can be easily led astray. The politicians should realise that politics and party politics are two entirely different things. They should desist from exploiting the young blood, for doing their dirty work. This portends a great danger for the future of the country and all politically parties can help in curbing this menace, before it assumes alarming proportions.

The students should therefore take part in politics, which is distinct from party politics .Their politics should be confined to the realm of education, or the affairs of the youth. The political parties should also behave responsibly and not involve in their dirty party politics. This right exposure would make them responsible citizens of this glorious nation, which has great expectations from them.